About Spotter


The Vangard Spotter is the first Windows page monitor to reliably offer Text, Email, and Call notifications.  With proxy support, the page monitor cycles through each proxy for every site allowing you to monitor pages frequently without ban, and be notified as soon as possible.  


-NEW*  Advanced Shopify monitoring and variant grabber



Features include :

-Page monitor, that when changes are detected, acts in milliseconds

-NEW* Discord integration

-NEW* Smart notifications, checks that the current change isn't a false positive
-NEW* Slack integration
-NEW* Twitter integration
-Lifetime & constant updates
-Detailed instructions
-Cycle proxy support that allows you to refresh under 5 seconds without ban
-Email, Call, and/or Text notifications that deliver in seconds
-Open link in browser on change
-PC sound alerts
-Unlimited windows per PC
-Independent thread proxy cycling
-Ability to run as many threads as your PC can handle with varying refresh rates
-Very stable
-As a license owner you receive an invite to the exclusive Vangard Chat

Much more...


Extremely useful for low key sites like YeezySupply, Supreme restocks, and any other product release where is it important to be first manually.  Sites have made adaptations, and now being quick manually is almost as important as having a good bot setup.  For any other questions or comments, contact Sales@Vangard.co and follow @VangardCo on Twitter